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  • When things don’t go according to “the plan.”

    When things don’t go according to “the plan.”

    As of last Sunday, December 6th, Luke and I have been engaged for a full year. The plan was to be engaged for less than a year. The plan was that wedding prep would go oh-so-smoothly. The plan was for me to live in my current apartment for less than six months. The plan was to…

  • Mountaintops and #MCM

    Mountaintops and #MCM

    Today, I need to take time to brag on the wonderful man in my life. My loving, providing, caring, and devoted fiancé. Before I begin, a slight disclaimer– I’m completely okay now, healthy as a horse. But, this is a lovely selfie from the Vanderbilt Hospital ER, where Luke took me around 4 PM on…