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P is for Perfectionist: Naming the inner critic

Last week, I shared a piece of my journey in discovering grace. If I’m honest, I was more than a little terrified to post something so vulnerable, but I was overwhelmed by how many people reached out to me and told me they were struggling to give themselves grace, too. With that, I want to keep sharing […]

Hipster shaming… I’m over it.

In Nashville, everyone is pretty particular about their music. People here pride themselves on knowing all about the up and coming talents before anyone else. I mean, this is Music City, and in general, the population has a good ear to spot a hit before most of the nation. With that knack for as-yet-undiscovered, there’s this […]

Pinterest projects and the joy of hospitality.

Last weekend, my lovely friends Abby and Rebecca came to spend a weekend in Franklin/Nashville. This is probably nerdy, but I think I was just as excited about preparing my little guest room for them as I was about them actually coming. There’s something about making people feel loved, accepted and welcomed that makes my heart […]

Mountaintops and #MCM

Today, I need to take time to brag on the wonderful man in my life. My loving, providing, caring, and devoted fiancé. Before I begin, a slight disclaimer– I’m completely okay now, healthy as a horse. But, this is a lovely selfie from the Vanderbilt Hospital ER, where Luke took me around 4 PM on […]

Dear Sprynkle

Dear Sprynkle, I may never know your real name, but “Sprynkle” was on your nametag, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that name. We’ve never really met, technically. You were working in the drive thru at one of my favorite lunch spots near my office. It was a sunny, beautiful Friday. I had just […]

Snow flurries and the grace of God.

Right after my third-grade self screamed and did a little jumping dance around our living room, I rushed to wake up my brother to tell him it was a snow day. There was no time to waste! Snow was such a rare occurrence in Georgia that it had to be celebrated when it came. I […]